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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"


The left narrative is centered on social justice. The ideal liberal is the social justice warrior. The socialist game plan focuses on reforming other people’s behavior and attitudes. This agenda involves identifying a victim group in need or rescue from an enemy group. More and more the enemy group is identified as old white men, those who were more generally labeled as WASP.

There is a reason why Christ told us to deal with the beam in our own eye before trying to fix issues with other people. The only person we can successful change is ourselves. However, the left wants to transform the world by transforming the mental makeup of others. Men are in liberals’ cross hairs. Men are the defenders of the church, family and nation state. The ideology of the left is sterile so long as the male retains his central position in society. If all of societies victims are going to gain favored positions those in them need to vacate them.

So, the left seeks to remove old white males to make room for all of the alleged victims.

Pushing males out of their conventional seat of power means taking them out of jobs and management positions. Immigrations weakens labor. By keeping labor weak the power of the male worker to fight change is also limited. By bringing in persons without strong conservative values the role of the man is further compromised. When a culture devalues men they no longer serve as the protectors of family and culture.