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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"

Twenty Truths

  1. what we create belongs to us
    1. If we are not allowed to own and control and allocate and dispose of what we create we will create injustice and social division
  2. we have a right to our political jurisdictions as places created by us.
    1. We do not own lands as physical structures, but we own our political creations. The land is not a country, there are no boarders in the real world. Boarders are political creations outlining the boundaries of a political entity. These are human creations. We own these.
  3. we have a right to what we create culturally, politically and technologically.
    1. All things produced by man are owned by the person who created them. When the creation is a product of a group then all members of the group own an equal share unless some other arrangement has been agreed to.
  4. we have a right to where we live and the resources we rely on.
    1. We have a right to our homes and the things we need to survive. That is the places where we live form our pool of resources by which we maintain life.
  5. we have a right to the constitution provided to us by God.
    1. Human rights are not given to us by the state but by God, meaning they are not just rules we ought to be under but natural law that cannot be abrogated rationally. Our rights to be under the First Constitution is no different than our right to be under natural law.
  6. our places were bequeathed to us constitutionally, by God.
    1. There is no rational way to deprive us of our rights to our nations without creating chaos.
  7. our rights are inalienable within the provisions of the Constitution.
    1. The Constitution sets out the necessary way mankind must live.
  8. our human rights are Constitutional Rights, tied to the possession of a homeland.
    1. To have human rights we need resources, we cannot have a right to life without access to food and water and shelter. Our homeland is the source of these resources.
  9. all persons have the right and duty to defend what is theirs Constitutionally.
    1. Essentially no one can deprive us of the need and necessity of defending what we must defend.
  10. the Bible is the written and infallible Word of God and sufficient for all our needs.
  11. Scripture is practical, it has solutions to our social problems. 
  12. Scripture is timeless, it has answers to the past, the present and the future.
  13. Scripture is comprehensible, comprehendible and cohesive.
  14. the Bible is The Answers Book, it has answers to our questions, we only need to know how to ask the question.
  15. if we understand Scripture we know what it means to be a patriot.
    1. Scripture provides us with rights tied to what we have responsibility for, our lands and property. Patriotism is asserting authority over what we have assumed responsibility for.
  16. Scripture is a Constitutional enactment applicable to all persons in all times and places.
  17. Jesus is the Head of State and the only ruler worthy of worship.
  18. All enactments, judgements and policy must not contravene or oppose or fail to uphold the Divine Constitution, that is, the Word of God.
  19. Liberalism is the modern equivalent of Babylon and expresses mankind's rejection of God. 
    1. All of mankind’s social problems originate organizationally in Babylon. These fundamental errors form the basis of our liberal institutions.
  20. The church is a form of organization based on local autonomous political units