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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"

All Truth Is One

  • Truth has no inconsistencies or contradictions.
  • Truth is coherent.
  • All truth builds the church.
  • All truth benefits the planet.
  • Contradictions and inconsistencies have observable and verifiable consequences.
  • Contradictions and inconsistencies increase costs.
  • All costs can be measured and increase risk.
  • Lies and falsehoods impact the planet by creating wasteful processes and wrong procedures.
  • Every action has consequences.
  • Consequences are either good or bad.
  • All actions have a quantifiable component.
  • The consequences of all actions can be measured.
  • The value of the planet is a consequence of all of the Good actions done.
  • Good and bad actions recorded and Balanced out gives mankind a value of the planet.
  • Good actions create value for the planet. Wrong actions increase social costs and reduce the value of the earth.
  • All rational humans create value for the planet.
  • The church is the manifestation of good people doing good things that produce value for the planet.
  • Truth is simple.
  • Truth adheres to the principles of parsimony and subsidiarity. The simple solution is always best and least costly. The closer to solution to the source of the problem the more effective.
  • Truth is the path with the lowest cost and the least consequence.