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The Third Front

The Third Front is perhaps the least easy to deal with and yet the most crucial of all. It is also the most ignored by reformers because it is the least understood. Even though The Second Front is in disarray and largely abandoned most people understand the ideas behind a war between Good and Evil. We do not need to write pages of carefully knit arguments to illustrate a conflict between what is good and what is harmful. But in economics the line between good and evil appears less well defined.

The Third Front centers on greed. Defeating greed is the silver bullet that eliminates unemployment, debt, poverty, pollution, taxation and waste of all kinds. These things are not natural events, they are not the consequences of some natural law, they are human generated events created by a system or systems that to some degree all reward greed. 

There are three active sectors in a civilization. These are the economic, political and ecclesiastical. Progress in civilization requires the use of the Four Pillars Of Progress, meaning advancement in these three areas requires four institutions or four systems be employed. These four systems are Positive ownership, Positive markets, Positive democracy and Positive funding. If these four pillars are applied to all three sectors then one has progress. Progress exists according to the two laws of progress.

The rate of progress is defined by the application of the four pillars of progress.

The volume of progress is determined by the degree to which the three sectors are impacted or incorporated.

We can make the following predictions:

  • When not all four pillars are fully utilized there may be some rapid progress in one or two sectors, but the change will be shallow and often inconsistent.
  • When not all sectors are fully incorporated, social progress will be superficial and easily undone.
  • When all three sectors are engaged, and all our pillars are used progress will be inevitable, deep and sustainable and not reversible.

These are the Three Laws Of Progress.