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The Ecumenics Party

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Destroying Babylon


Positivism is in a three-front war against the forces of Babylon. When we speak of this system that has dominated our history and our world it is appropriate to refer to it as Babylon. If we are serious about overcoming this world we must attack the political, spiritual and economic elements of Babylon.

Social Positivists do not focus on winning elections; the focus is on enabling direct ownership of local resources. Politically Social Positivists prefer to push policy initiatives through conventional party organizations. We tend to work from within present party structures. This causes less disruption and has more impact for the cost incurred.

The spiritual war cannot be ignored. Fascists have attacked and routed the church, believers are in disarray. We were the first and main victims of fascism. Ecclesiastics is centered on uniting believers into one body under Christ. The New Testament serves as the Constitution of the people of God. The importance of the ecclesiastical front may not be apparent to unbelievers, but you will come to recognize how crucial it is as you better understand the need for direct ownership and direct markets.

The central front is economics. This front encompasses how we do business and how we think about ownership.

It is vital that Babylon be combatted on all three fronts.