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The Ecumenics Party

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Organisms can mutate in three different ways, a mutation can be neutral which leaves the organism basically unchanged with no benefit and no determint for selection to work with, or it can mutate in a deterimental way which leads to the new mutant being selected against or the mutation can be fatal and so the new mutant ends up dead.

Biochemical mutations are possible, these do not produce new forms but add to existing abilities as bacterial resistence to medicines. The resistent form is identical to the non-resistent variety except for a different resistent profile. With a changed environment the resistent form could and would revert back to the earlier model.

The basic body plan of an organism is not encoded in DNA. DNA provdes the body parts, the components, it does not dictate how the components will fit together or produce a particular body, so DNA mutations will not even generate a new body plan.


The Rights Of Man

Why does mankind have rights and where do they come from? What rights are irrefutably ours and which are illusions?

Our rights rest on our position as caretakers of earth. We have the rights required to fulfill our role as stewards of God’s Creation. Any right that depends on another agent or authority is a legal right that is better seen as a conditional benefit. Anyone with the authority to grant rights has the power to expunge these same rights.

Our power rests on the ownership and possession of the planet. The planet belongs to the people of God not governments, agents or experts. We, the people of God are not visitors or guests but persons with inalienable rights to the planet given to us by God and contained by the very power given us by God.

The Christian church is the owner and caretaker of the lands we inhabit. This can be empirically and scripturally verified. Science is on the side of Christians. We have the rights we can enforce by our own devices.

All persons have a right to what they create. This right cannot be refuted, abrogated, abridged or rescinded. There is no logical or legal way to eliminate the right of possession through creation. All impositions and limitations on personal property are an infringement of our human rights to what we create. All claims made by the state as to its right to administrate, legislate, regulate or allocate property infringes upon the rights of all. We the people have the right and duty to organize and administrate the property that falls under our jurisdiction. We own what we create.

Our personal property rights are a human right applicable to all persons in all places. Human rights are equally valid and applicable to all persons in all times and all places.

We are not guests nor pilgrims. We are owners of these places we call home. These are our lands. We built these places, we are accountable for the condition of these places, we are stewards of this land and the lords of our domain. We resent all intrusions and uninvited persons.

This is where we live, work, play and worship, raise our families and ensure our future. We will not be moved, quelled, intimidated or relocated or silenced.

Our property is ours. We are not parasites. We work to own what is ours. We live by right of possession as creators of what we have. We care for what is ours. We claim that on which we stand. We will not be moved.

No state has the power or authority to remove from us which is ours by right of possession. No state has the authority to take from us our right to what we produce. What we create we own by the power and authority of a God no state or other agency can over rule. We the people stand firm, as the church, the supreme authority over our lands given to us by God.

We the people stand firm on our human rights based on the authority given to us by God to lands given to us by God, according to the power of the authority of God as exercised in and through the church. Our rights to our place are inalienable, they cannot be revoked, rescinded or removed. No person or group of people has the power, nor legitimacy nor justification to remove from us our human rights to what we create. All claims but that of the creator are invalid. If you did not create it, you do not own it and you have no rights regarding it.

Parasites of all stripes and types beware; you came, you fed, you sucked the blood of Christians dry but we rise with faith and vengeance and we will cut you off. We are no longer your cattle or your sheep nor a passive source of sustenance to feed your social agendas.