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"biblical solutions to social problems"

The Positive constitution

Reality is basically simple. Lies and liars complicate truth. Reality gives us but two options: we can do right or wrong. Reality is truth and truth reality. If we destroy what is true we destroy reality.

There is a sharp and distinct line of demarcation between truth and falsehood. If truth is good and lies bad, then there is also a sharp and distinct line between good and evil. God and Satan are not equidistant on an infinitely long spectrum. This ideogram is meant to deceive and give evil an equal standing with God.

Mankind was introduced to lies and falsehood at the dawn of history, at the beginning of civilization. Each generation has saw fit to perpetuate these lies. Exploring truth gives us reality, making the right choices builds understanding.

Lies are always more complicated than the truth. Lies never provide simple solutions nor are the solutions effective. We want simple answers because truth can never be as difficult to communicate as lies.  

All peoples in all times and places have two choices. Regardless of the situation we have two choices: we can choose right or wrong. If we do not choice the right path wrong is done by default. In every situation there is a choice we can make and there is a default setting. The default happens when we fail to make a commitment.

There is no third choice and no middle ground. We commit to doing what is right, or we become a victim of circumstance. It is one or the other.

In Christianity we have a choice to be part of the church, or not. Atheism is the default setting.

To be a member of the church requires a commitment, there is no other way to become a member.

Our choice is expressed by our fruits, our fruits grow as a result of our actions. Our works require a commitment, without a commitment we have no direction and are lost. Our actions either grow the church through building unity between believers, using the Constitution of God or they are wasted actions.

The Word of God creates a Constitution, a foundational document which takes precedence over all law and human ambition. The New Testament is a Constitutional Document of all Christian peoples. The Constitution of God is the only foundational document on which a godly nation can be erected.  

The Bible is the Word of God. The church is composed of the people of God. We live in the Word of God as the people of God. Our politics is how we live out the Word of God within the church of God governed by Word of God: our living constitution. 

The Word of God is God's Constitutional Document. God’s Word created the world's First Constitution. Jesus is the embodiment of the Word of God.

The New Testament is the world's First Constitution. The Old Testament Covenant created a religion not a republic. 

The Bible is the Word of God. It teaches us how to live according to the Will of God. The Will of God is God's Covenant to us. Scripture provides us with our Constitutional framework. We are citizens of The Republic Of God or we are traitors and the enemies of God and science. There is no other state and no middle ground.

Constitutional Republics do not create social costs. The Directorate is a Constitutional Republic under God ruled by the constitution given to us by God. Positivists reject the need for socialist agendas and the state sanctioned ownership models that legitimize social costs. Positivists reject all forms of socialism as inherently Satanic and ungodly.

All social costs including unemployment, debt, taxation, inflation, business cycles, pollution and waste are incompatible with a Constitutional Republic. The existence of social costs and socialist influences denote a society that is not constitutionally a true republic. Living in accordance to the First Constitution is the only way to eliminate social costs and unify the churches.

Social Positivists defends mankind’s constitutional rights, that is our constitutional right to live within the constitutional framework provided by God. These are identical to our human rights.