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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"

The bible

Social Positivists build the church. The church is built through direct markets and increasing the value of the world, this primarily means increasing the middle class. Positivists build the church by bringing those of the church together in unity before God. God Himself models the unity of the church in his own person. The church is the middle class, not that it is closed off to others; indeed, the power of the church is that it reverses the process created by Babylon. The church brings in to polarized opposes, the very rich and poor and incorporates them into the middle class.

Social Positivists demonstrates the Bible is the written and infallible, Word of God and sufficient for all our needs, by proving that it is by building the church following the Word of God that the Middle Class is best assisted.

Social Positivists believes the Bible is 100% reliable this makes it scientifically valid. As empirically valid the bible is practical, it has solutions to our social problems. 

The Bible is timeless, it has answers to the past, the present and the future.

The bible is comprehensible, comprehendible and cohesive. The bible answers all question pertinent to the human condition and the operation of the church. Following the bible eliminates social division.

The Bible is The Answers Book, it has to answers to our questions, we only need to know how to ask the question.

The Bible is the Word of God. It teaches us. If we are Christians, if we love God, if we believe in His Word we must trust He provided solution to all of our social problems in His Word and in the way, He created the world. The church must glorify God in our programs and policies by recognizing His Plan for us. God loves His church and teaches us as political and economic creatures how to live right and govern ourselves. God guides us as conservative leaders and citizens into His ways. God is rational, and He has made us rational. He understands politics and economics. God knows how to create jobs and eliminate debt. Social Positivists is an outreach program to help conservatives see God has a plan for us as politicians and citizens and patriots. God has a Plan for our lands, for all of us. Our conservative politics and policies can be aligned with and must be made consistent with, the Will of God. In this we build the church.