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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"

Bible And Science

The Bible is the Word of God. It teaches us all we need to know about politics and economics and the church. Nothing will be found on this site you could not discover through the study of Scripture. The New Testament is the foundational document of Positivism. There is, says Scripture, nothing new under the sun. All truth is in Scripture or can be derived from Scripture. No truth contradicts Scripture and no Scripture contradicts truth.

A constitution is a document that states our foundational beliefs and basic unchanging values and principles. A constitution is or ought to be eternal and universal. The New Testament is the first constitution and the eternal source of humanities guarantees and universal rights.

God is rational, and He has made us rational. He understands politics and economics and He created Science as a body of discoverable truths. God knows how to create jobs and eliminate debt. 

All solutions can be found in Scripture, they can also be discovered using science. One verifies and confirms the other.