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The Scientific Proof Of God

The Scientific Proof Of God demonstrates a scientific proceedure; that is a methodological demonstration, quantified and objective proceedure, can be engaged that will prove beyond reasonable doubt that God must exist.

However, proving the existence of God is not the subject of any science. Proving God exists is not a subject of scientific  research. No book exists outlining an experiment that demonstrates God’s Existence. Such a feat is not considered possible, by those in scientific research. It is not as if other, unseen phenomenon are not explored and proved to exist.

Regardless, even if it were true that mankind is not able to overcome the problems involved with proving Gods Existence  God can and has overcome our limitations. The Scientific Proof Of God argues that God is not defeated by the immensity of the problem. In this 160,000 non-fiction work, the reader discovers God has indeed been conducting such an experiment since Eden. Reality is nothing more or less than an experiment into this very issue.

From a detailed inquiry into why generations of thinkers and scientists have kept this assumption alive, into discussions on truth and the scientific method, The Scientific Proof Of God keeps the reader focused on an undeniable fact, there are two paths, there are two roles, there are two groups in this world. One serves as the target group of the experiment and the other the control group. The reader soon learns he or she and all the generations of man are in one or the other of these groups. What we have missed is the ability to track the changes taking place in a quantified way.

How is it that a rational species can fail in so many things, not the least of which is to provide jobs for all? Poverty became a special concern of mine, not because I was poor or empathetic; logically any society of rational persons ought to be able to provide work for its members.

For some 50 years this question consumed me. The question brought me to Christ and an understanding that poverty and other social costs was the consequence of being in a control group. I realized we needed to be in the target or study group.

The Scientific Proof Of God is the definitive statement as to how to occupy the target population and begin the task of proving to all, God Exists.


The Scientific Proof Of God: kindle edition