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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"

The Second Policy Front: theology

Social Positivists believe theology is a second vital area of policy. If a party pretends it has no theological position it is lying. Social policy impacts religion.

Social Positives believe that good works build the church, by definition. Full employment is the key to building the church. If people are unemployed or if we permit unemployment, we and they are not building the church. Allowing people to remain unemployed is not part of any good works program or strategy.

If works build the church this ought to be quantifiable. It is by linking the work of building the church with the value of the planet that the work of building the church becomes quantified.

The church must be built as God requires this means one church united not by doctrine but by works done in faith.

The policy of The Social Positivists eliminate unemployment and we believe so long as this is done we are contributing to the building of the church. Ending unemployment is the ultimate good work.

Does the party you support promote the ending of unemployment?

Do they have a clear statement on religion, theology, on the importance of building the church? If not, they are hiding something. Find out what it is.