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One truth

Logically there can be only one truth and one source of truth.

If there are multiple truths or multiple sources of truth, then science has no foundation. If truth is relative, then science is impossible. Without absolute truth all we have is opinion and attempts to prove our truth has more value than others because it is our truth.

Logic requires all truth be connected and linked to one source of truth. Logically, there is only one source of information and that is God, regardless what you call God. All truth is information and originates in sentient beings. By definition this source of truth is God.

There is no logical or empirical method that would indicate multiple independent sources of truth nor a set of truths logically or existentially independent from a sentient point of origin.

All truth has a single origin in God thus all information comes originally from God. There is no secular way to counter this claim. Either there is no information, no communication or there is a secular source of all information. All information is defined by a communication. There is no information without a communication that defines what exists as information.

Information is contained in the communication which is symbols being transferred from one intelligent being to another in a structured way.

Science necessitates a reliable source and origin of truth. By definition reliable truth can only come from a Supreme Being. Logically there can be no conflict between truth, God and science. This cohesion or synthesis can only exist if a communication between God and the being that generates scientific truth happens and this is in agreement.

No truth is independent from the source of Truth. All truth is information and all information is created. There is nothing in logic, experience or evidentiary knowledge that suggests information has its source in anything other than a conscious and intelligent being.