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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"


Direct policy is based on the rights of man specifically as provided in Scripture. The policy of The Directors Party and the idea of direct ownership is  consistent with the teachings of Scripture.

Policy on social costs

We have a responsibility to the place we inhabit. We have a right to the things we create. We have the concomitant right to reject the imposition of social costs onto ourselves, our society and future generations.

We have a right to the value we create but no right to the value created by someone else. We have the right to refuse to take up costs created by others and the concomitant obligation to extend this right to others.

We have no right to externalize costs. We have no right to impose costs created by us, onto others. Those who create costs ought to pay the cost created by them.

Social Anarchist policy is based on the obligation of each person to pay the costs he or she created and the right not to pay costs created by others.

Social policy is based solely on the principles of the market. Social Anarchists reject the public sector as a mechanism by which policy can or should be implemented.

Social Anarchist policy on social costs is that social costs are absolutely rejected. Check with opposition parties. Ask them their policy regarding social costs.