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Letter To Pastors

Dear Brother-in-Christ,

As a Christian, moral individual and perhaps parent are you bothered by the previous government’s introduction of sexual education?  No one is opposed to keeping our children safe, no one is opposed to health and safety, but it takes a stretch of the imagination to link teaching of anal sex and fellatio as contributing anything to child safety.

As a Christian and concerned citizen I am asking you and similarly minded persons to join me in asking Premier Ford to adopt a science-based approach to education, with an especial appeal to restrict sex education to that which can be supported by science. Sex is not the place to be adopting radical agendas to guide social policy. Only science can provide a firm foundation for education and a strong, resilient barrier to the introduction of perverse ideologies such as that which has served as the foundation of the liberal version. The updated curricula was authored by a convicted child abuser. How can we permit someone who perceives children as sex objects to guide our children’s sex education?

Please read the enclosed open letter to our educators, ministers, media and Premier Ford along with the essay outlining what a sex education curriculum based on science would look like.

Please send these materials to others whom you think would support the movement to put science back into sex ed.

Warm regards,