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Keep It Strategically Simple

What too many people in Canada seem to not understand that the purpose of a leader of a political party is to get elected. Period. The leaders who is so principled that he alienates moderates is not a political leader, he is a spiritual leader. Canada is a nation of some 35 million people. No radical will get elected or gain enough votes to control the country. What the country is in, is a political war not a religious war. 

If you want a leader who stands on principle without deviation, follow Jesus, if you want to defeat Trudeau, vote Scheer. No, it is not complicated.

Canada faces a Three Front War, conservatives need to ask themselves if they want Trudeau to be PM or not? That is the only question that needs to be asked. There is no other issues, no other concerns are relevant in this campaign. If you support Trudeau do not vote for Scheer. If you are against Trudeau, vote for Scheer, it is really that simple. 

To argue that we need a principled leader is not untrue but to make this the issue is to miss the strategy behind fighting a Three Front War. By fighting on three fronts we can focus on winning in each sector doing what needs to be done to win the war that is specific to that campaign. Politics is not about principles it is about popularity. Elections are not won by principles but by popularity. I repeat, if you wish principles, follow Jesus because every leader is going to fail you when if comes to living a principled life. If you wish to defeat Trudeau, vote Scheer. If you are a liberal, then do not vote for Scheer. It is that simple. That is the way to win the war on The First Front.

Don't mess this up. KISS