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 teaching the church about human rights 

Science and religion are not enemies of each other or of the environment. Truth reconciles science and religion and turns policy Green.


What do you want done?

‘Prepare ye, the way of our Lord’,

These are the first words spoken about Christ as our Savior.

Christians are called upon to build the church, which is the body of Christ.

The church is the encapsulation of our rights given to us by God. The church is the vehicle through which humans prosecute their human rights.

The church has failed to be a leader of human rights. The Reformation sold out its mission to secular authorities. Our rights have devolved down into legal rights with the state, not God, being the arbitrator.

Christians are not a light to the world because we have abdicated our central role in the protection of human rights.

It is the people of God who are assigned the role of caring for the things of God. It is in fulfilling this mission that Christians build the church.

Humans are the most prized creation of God. Human rights are the fullest expression of God’s love. Our human rights are supposed to be guaranteed in and through the church.

The way of the Lord is prepared by invoking the doctrine of human rights for it is only in a culture where human rights are respected that the church can truly find root in good soil.


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