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How To Build The Church

The key to understanding Scripture is understanding how to build the Christian church. If we never understand how to build the church, we never understand what the church is and we cannot get a real understanding of Scripture.

The mistake Christians have made is that they did not develop a good understanding as to how to build the church and never thought it much about it. Most Christians were happy to increase the number of Christians and places in which they could go and worship.

The growth of the church is the exercise of the power given to us by God. The expansion of our works done in faith is founded on empirically verified truth originating from God and given to us in His Word. The church, built by works, is the standard by which we determine our rationality and indeed, our humanity and consistency with Scripture.

We verify our comprehension through our works done in faith that builds the church, empirically verified by determining the value of the earth.

Good works is an outpouring of the spirit in real and concrete ways, the manifestation of which builds the Christian church. This has its corollary in the value of the planet. As the church grows the value of the planet increases. It’s a 1:1 correspondence.

If we are not living in truth we build Babylon. Babylon is a city built on lies. Lies and ungodliness harms the planet in real and measurable ways.

Social Positivists builds the church because to increase the value of the planet is tantamount to building the church. Social Positivists builds the church in the only way it can be built, that is through obedience to God. It is not spirituality that is required it is direct markets and direct ownership. The church is built though works done in faith and this is what Social Positivists is focused on.

In this sense Social Positivists is intrinsically a church. There are no other options, if we are to live right and increase the value of our world we are by definition a church.

As a church we work at the level of the local congregation. This is why the principle of subsidiarity is important. We do not work as individuals to increase the value of the planet; we have to work together. Value is created in economic activity. This is why we need direct ownership and direct markets. Both put the accent on human economic activity done for the benefit of the community.

Positivists work to increase the value of the assets we are responsible for. It is only in the collective that our works coupled with all works done for God culminate in an increase in the value of the planet.