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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"

The Four Pillars Of The Ecumenics Party

The Four Pillars are:

  • Positive Ownership
  • Positive Markets
  • Positive Democracy
  • Positive Funding

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Positive Ownership is based on principle of Subsidiarity. Positive Ownership is governed by two rules.

  • Direct ownership of local resources by locals; no ownership of local resources by non-locals.
  • The systematic elimination of ownership of local resources by non-locals.

We the people own our political jurisdictions. A family owns where they live, a neighborhood owns where they live, a community owns where they live, a province or state owns where they live and the people of a nation own the nation.

No other set up is scientifically justified. Not other configuration is consistent with Scripture. All four pillars of progress are legitimized by science using the principle of verification. Neither capitalism or communism or any other known configuration can use science to back up their model. Nor is any other model consistent with what the Bible tells us.


Positive Markets are an alternative to free markets. Positive markets are established and capitalized by direct funding. They are of course directly owned and governed using Positive Democracy. The four pillars of positivism substantiate and support one another and in application work together.


Positive Democracy is a direct way to administrate markets. Positive Markets utilize positive funding which makes positive democracy different than other forms of democracy. Direct democracy means the people get to vote on propositions directly. This kind of direct democracy can lead to a tyranny of the majority.

Representative democracy means the people have only the power of periodic elections. Positive democracy gives people direct power without the risk of tyranny.


Positive funding is a way to fund or capitalize development directly, without the need of banks or governments.

Positive funding uses a true money that is one not based on assets.



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