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The Four Pillars Of progress

Most people think they are intelligent. Most people think they win their debates. It’s almost impossible to change people’s minds, so, most people think people who disagree with them are dumb. People do not disagree with others because of a lack of intelligence. The problem is integrity. Very few people have the integrity needed to accept the truth. Without integrity science cannot exist.

Without integrity one has no wisdom because without integrity one is willing to live a lie and to compromise with the truth to avoid facing an unpleasant truth. With integrity one has to find the truth no matter where it is found. It is not that people are stupid, it is that they lack true integrity.

There are four pillars of progress. Progress is the way we measure how much value we are producing. These four pillars are secondary principles or necessary preconditions of the 1st principle. To ensure science backs our decisions we have to have integrity in these four areas: Positive ownership, Positive markets, Positive democracy and Positive funding. The first principle is only realized through the adoption of these four pillars.

To have integrity we cannot create costs for others. No one has the need or obligation to pay costs we created.

No one can say another person was born or acquired an obligation towards someone else. We must be each able and willing to pay our own way in the world. But this includes not imposing costs on others to prevent them from paying their own way.

If we are righteous that is honest and do no create costs for others, then we will of necessity create or be part of a Positive market. There is no other option.

A Positive market is simply a market where no transferred costs are permitted. This is why Positive markets must be Positive funded and be composed of Positive owners exchanging goods and services with each other in a Positive democracy. The four pillars cannot be erected individually.

Positive ownership creates Positive markets, it is unavoidable. To set them up uses Positive funding and they operate on Positive democracy. Without all the pieces no single piece works.

Together the four pillars of progress eliminate social costs. All social costs are cost imposed on society and future generations. Social costs include such things as unemployment, poverty, unemployment, taxation, pollution, debt and inflation. Social costs are the result of mankind adopting humanist ideas.

Babylon is the source of what we call the progressive system, the system based on emotionalism. Babylon is all about servicing our fleshly desires. Positivism is about truth and doing what is verifiably right.