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The Ecumenics Party

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Foundation Of Positivism

The church is founded on the Word of God as dictated by God The Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. These three are the Founding Fathers of the church.

The Truths of God are communicated to us by God. Truths are the information provided by God for our benefit.

The Truths of God are in the world and in the writings, He provided. The New Testament is the truths given by God to guide the way we live. The New Testament constitutes a constitution for the Kingdom of God.

A constitution to have validity cannot be the opinions of men, regardless of the grandeur of the language used. To have an eternal voice God must himself pen the Constitution. The mind of God is the only source of Truth valid for all persons, in all places for all time. Thus, it is with the church.

The Constitution of the United States declares We the people ... a portentous enough phrase however, the Constitution of The Kingdom of God begins with these words: ‘In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God’, … for our Constitution is living and eternal.

Our head of state is himself our brother yet a king, one of us and yet beyond human ken. As a church under God we are a Constitutional Theocracy beholden to none. As men and woman of earth we are led by an eternal king whose kingdom is forever and forever without end.

The Kingdom of God is a theocracy governed by a Constitution which God Himself pledges not to contravene. The kingdom of God is a constitutional theocracy whose founding Father is God Himself. Our Constitution is God’s promise to us, his people.