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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"

The Five Errors

Mankind made five crucial errors at the start of civilization. Historically these errors are all associated with Babylon. All five errors are looked upon as great innovations. All five errors have served as the pillars of  our civilizations. Collectively they bring civilizations to ruin. These errors are the reason for all of our social costs. Social costs are things society and future generations pay for which were created directly or indirectly by the state. When social costs become excessive, societies fail.

Social costs are unemployment, debt, poverty, inflation, taxation, pollution, and most crime.

Social costs are not natural phenomenon. They are not natural to civilization. They are costs created by one agent that are downloaded onto society and future generations. Economists refer to them as externalized costs. Regardless of what one calls them they are the product of five major errors: the secular state, the use of assets as a medium of exchange, the replacement of human rights with legal rights, ownership as a legal right and double entry bookkeeping, otherwise known as the institutionalization of liabilities.

 All these innovations originated in Babylon and are associated with Nimrod.