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"biblical solutions to social problems"


Full employment is considered impossible by those who support the free market. At the same time excess personal are not kept in storage somewhere; they are living breathing people. Liberal policy on employment is of necessity incoherent and incomplete.

Eliminating unemployment is a priority for Social Positivists  despite it being both impossible in a free market and from a free market perspective, less than desirable. 


Full employment is considered an impossible goal. Excess personal are not spare parts to be kept in storage until needed; the unemployed are living breathing people.  The unemployed have as much value as anyone else

In primitive cultures there is no unemployment. Everyone does something, everyone from the youngest to the oldest contributes value to the tribe. One of the difficulties of transitioning to a modern culture is what to do with all the young and old workers who need to be made redundant. Employers must be forced to hire able bodied men at a wage rate that will enable them to support their dependents. Globalists do not want and cannot tolerate full employment. An economy at full employment is a social system that has shifted power to the lower level. Full employment puts too much power in the hands of labor. This poses a serious dilemma for parties that support elites and globalism.

The unemployed exist outside of the market. The free market is composed of buyers and sellers. Those who do not work and earn an income have no money and so are neither buyer or seller.

This is a huge error. People consume or die. Non-consumers are not buyers and so do not create economic activity. If a person is subsidized by the state, then this creates injustice for labor and does not increase over-all economic activity. Subsidies only spread a given level of economic activity over a wider base.

Social Positivists promise full employment. To understand how see the section on Exchanges.