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Social Positivists

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Social Positivism

Social Positivism is about people adopting a more positive approach in dealing with their social problems. Positivists believe science is the only solution to the division and negativity that seems to be growing around us. 

Social Positivists believe that the principle of verifiability is a First Order Principle. We must adhere to what can best be verified. We can assume this to be the simplest and most direct response to a problem.

Positivist ownership is demonstratably the simplest and most direct form of ownership. The most direct evidence that direct ownership is based on the methodology of science is that it generates progress and progress by definition is the accumulation of value and value by definition is that which mankind wants.

Positivist Ownership is scientifically validated as the legitimate form of ownership by the inability of anyone to suggest an alternative to its claim. The validity of a claim is not just based on an empirical experiment but also on the absence of alternative thesis.

Positivist ownership applies not only to personal property and local jurisdictions but also the world.

Ownership of the world’s natural resources stems from the biblical statement that the people of God exist to care for the Creation of God. We have betrayed this single purpose. This betrayal began in Eden and has never been rectified.

Our ownership, that is the possession of the planet by the people of God, comes directly from God, not indirectly through government.

Indirect ownership requires legal rights. The scientific model always favors the simpler explanation. Indirect ownership necessitates a superfluous agent, the state.

Positivism is about verifying claims through the use of logic, reason and verifiable data. Positivists seek objective and verifiable criteria to establish its claims.

Positivists seek to create a new era and a new civilization based on the methodologies of science. Quantified verification opposes the emotionalism of progressive politics.