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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"

The Basic Structure

An Exchange applies the Positive market ideas to the principle of Positive ownership using Positive funding and Positive democracy scaled and customized to a specific situation. Exchanges may be referred to as a Positive Exchanges or just Exchange.

An Exchange has an average of 12 persons though the actual number is not important and will vary as needs dictate. So long as the numbers correspond to what is considered adequate to perform a function the number is sufficient to form an Exchange. The numbers are relevant only to the ability of the group to work effectively together.

Exchanges naturally create organizations that are Green and free of social costs.

God is a God of science and precision and numbers and orders of magnitude. God makes sense in measurable and quantifiable ways. Gods belief system is not subjective or opinionated or without foundation. God created His world first and so He grabbed the moral high ground and the most defensible position. The devil may have mounted an offensive, but he occupies the muck and the mire and the shaky ground. Logic and science are both in God’s service.

Caring for the planet is a measurable activity. As we add value to the planet, we can measure this value. Humanist accounting methods are not as powerful or as accurate as Positive Accounting. Capitalist enterprises for example argue they are making a profit when in fact liabilities are being externalized. Double entry bookkeeping permits the formation and externalization of liabilities and often encourages it. Perhaps a lawsuit waits in the wings or an employee has made a choice that will bring the company down. The accounting of a business is never very accurate in terms of its real costs, when Double Entry Bookkeeping is used. No company measures the pollution they create or add this cost to their price of their products. But these are real costs.

Mankind can and must do better. The monetary system, the worlds economics and politics are all contaminated by the Five Errors. We need to move beyond the avarice generating monetary system offered by the banking industry.

Exchanges as a small group program generates its own money. Exchanges do not require the assistance of either banks or bureaucrats.

Capitalization is achieved through a process of Positive Funding. Members sell their assets to the Exchange for preferred shares; they receive equity in exchange for their assets. Equity is a financial vehicle used to express value. A piece of equipment sold for $500.00 is an asset worth $500.00 and therefore represents $500.00 worth of equity.

Equity is represented by preferred shares. An Exchange that receives an asset valued at $500.00 is able to issue 500 preferred shares valued at $1.00 each to the member who provided the asset. Preferred shares have economic value and can be exchanged for goods and services. Preferred shares represent a fully backed currency issued by the Exchange and used as a unit of value in all economic transactions.

Christians are required to divest themselves of personal wealth and yet they are required to be doers of good works, including the care of their families. The only way these parameters can be satisfied is through the formation of a Positive Exchange. As was said personal property required for the care of oneself and family is not the issue here. What is on the table is capital or commercial assets. All surplus goods need to be given to the church. What we have has to be committed to the nation of God. Our personal goods are those things that enable us to work for God. They make our foundation strong. What is not needed by us for our walk with the Lord is needed by others to help them in their walk. All this must be donated to the church.

Exchanges are organizations given a specific mission to build the church. The church is all the wealth and glory not given over to Babylon. The church is everything that we have not put into the hands of Satan and his minions.

By assuming ownership of our assets and reimbursing us with a currency created by the church we have sold all we have. This currency is used for the purchase of goods and services. It can be freely given away because it will always serve to build the church. There is no way to divert this into the economy of Satan i.e. Babylon.