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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"


Liberalism is thought of as the politics of personal freedom. Conservatism is often defined as the believe that traditional values and attitudes need to be preserved. However, these definitions do not get to the core of the distinction nor explain the antipathy of one for the other.

Liberals believe progress is achieved through competition whereas conservatives look to cooperation to serve as the engine of progress.

Liberals promote freedom because freedom allows for competition and conservatives value tradition because this indicates shared values and a common bond.


The Ecumenics Party is a response to liberalism and its abuse of human rights. Crime, war and social division are symptomatic of states that have eroded human rights. Our social problems such as unemployment, poverty, pollution, taxation, inflation, economic cycles, debt, social stratification, elitism, globalism and crime are the result of liberalism. Social problems exist as part of the ills and errors of flesh driven greed. 

Human rights take precedence over the states offering of legal rights. Support for human rights eliminates the sources of social division. Legal rights are the main source of all friction and therefore the primary cause of poverty and debt. 

Please join with The Ecumenics Party to combat liberalism and its human rights violations Liberal power is based on its ability to divide and conquer.