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social positivists

 "the party working to empower community" 

Legal rights are products of a liberal state. Legal rights create social division and social injustice because they are not generated by methodological science. The worlds political and economic systems are based on legal rights and are corrosive of the social order. Anything that produces social  division creates injustice. Injustice offends our human rights. Injustice destroys peace, prosperity and progress. Injustice destroys the church. Demand justice. Fight for the right to have all social policy to be based on reason, not emotion. 

About Us

Social Positivist is a cooperative approach to solving social problems.

Social Positivist stands for:

  • Anti-globalism: Social Positivist opposes free markets, global markets, free trade and globalism.
  • Anti-statist: Social Positivist rejects political parties and the state.
  • Decentralization: Social Positivist promotes small group solutions and grassroots responses to social problems.
  • Market based: Social Positivist programs eliminate unemployment, taxation, debt, inflation, economic inequality, power disparities, economic injustice, freeloading and exploitation using market mechanisms to the exclusion of the public sector.
  • Reformist: Social Positivist advocates a social reformation.
  • Positivist: Social Positivist believes in and works towards the unification of science and religion.
  • Devolution of Power: Social Positivist represents the replacement of top-down centralist methodologies with populist social models.
  • Sovereignty: Social Positivist supports communities that are self-financing and self-governing.
  • Compartmentalization: Social Positivist supports communities that create economic development spontaneously.
  • Privatization: Social Positivist works to replace the public sector with populist institutions.
  • Activists: Social Positivist engages in grassroots activism and local reform movements.
  • Subsidiarity: Social Positivist promotes the devolution of power onto the lowest practical level.
  • the end of taxation.
  • Administration: Social Positivist supports the end of the prescriptive state in favor of an administrative role for all executives.
  • Systemization: Social Positivist supports a process that sees the withering away of the state through the implementation of a systematic process that does not unduly disrupt the day-to-day workings of the state and the economy.


Who We Are:

Social Positivist is a cooperative approach to the problem of social organization.


What We Do:

Social Positivist promotes cooperation and cooperative organization.


How We Do It:

Social Positivist works with small groups to fashion cooperative solutions to our social problems. Social Positivism is founded on the strong belief people can help themselves once they know how to cooperate without risk.


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