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The Ecumenics Party

"biblical solutions to social problems"


We are known by the works we do – not the emotions we feel or the claims we make. Works validate what we do.

Works must be based on empirical measures and quantifiable standards to verify the level of our obedience.

The value of the church serves as an objective measure of our faith. The church is the people of God but we measure the size of the church by the value we have created for the people of God.

This measure is not related to the Prosperity Gospel which suggests what we pray for we will get, or we will be rewarded materially for obedience to a ministers requests. Directors predict the more we help one another with faith the more we will prosper. Prosperity is predicted to be a result of works done in faith.

Social Positivists work to save the planet through direct markets and direct ownership.

The church is people building their place. Christians are a light to the world and work to make their works done in faith a scientific proof of God. Non-believers see God in the power of the place built on faith. The church manifests God on earth as we work to save the place we are at.

The church is built spiritually but also materially, there is the spiritual life and the material life. The spiritual wealth is manifested in physical wealth. Building a community is an economic activity. Works produce economic activity. The physical church is the empirical correlate of our faith.

Ultimately the church is a community of believers working to demonstrate through their life and works in caring for their place in which they live, that God Exists.


The Reformation

The Reformation did not proceed far enough. Christianity divided from Catholicism but retained the ungodly politics of Babylon.

Working together in unity and faith does not compromise doctrinal integrity. The church must build up their place. This is the work that is done in faith. The health of the planet provides an objective measure of the validity of our Scriptural interpretations.

If what we do harms our place what we believe is in error.


What Is Truth?

Logically there can be only one truth and one source of truth. All truth is connected and linked to one source. Logically, there is only one source of information and that is God, regardless what you call God. All truth is information and originates in sentient beings.

There is no logical or empirical method that would indicate multiple independent sources of truth nor a set of truths logically or existentially independent from a sentient point of origin.

All truth has a single origin in God thus all information comes originally from God.

No truth is autonomous from the source or Creator of truth. All truth is information and all information is created. There is nothing in logic, experience or evidentiary knowledge that suggests information has its source in meaninglessness.

Evidence tells us there is and must be a right and wrong, absolute, invariable without this there is no truth.

Truth is not relative and not without meaning. Truth is information. It has meaning.

All truth has a correlate in the real world. All truth can be tested in and through the natural world. All truth is empirical in that God has made it verifiable through observations within the natural world.